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The Senior Management Team and The Board

The Senior Management Team


Interim Operations Director - Annemarie Roberts  

Interim Finance Director - Antony Blewitt

The Board

Teachers' Housing Association is governed by a Board of Management which carries ultimate responsibility for the Association's affairs. Members of the Board shoulder a substantial responsibility and corporately determine the business emphasis of the Association. The Board comprises a maximum of fifteen voluntary members, bringing a broad range of skills and experience to assist the Association. 

The Board elects the Offices of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson annually and has delegated authority to two Committees as follows:

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee & Remunerations and Nominations Committee

The Board of Management

Name                                   Year of joining      Role                                                Occupation 

Mr M Rumbold                     2015                      Board Chairperson                        Governance, Social & Health Care  

Mr S Beresford                    2019                     (Chair Audit & Risk)                                                                                               

Mr T Casey                           2015                     Board Member                                Development Director 

Ms M Adae-Amoakoh           2019                     Board Member                                Chartered Accountant

Ms S Fawcett                        2021                     (Chair of Nominations &               Director of Customer Operations


Mr K Singh                            2021                      Board Member                              Head of Customer Care & Nominations

Mr N Fuller                            2022                      Board Member                                Lecturer

Ms M McCann                        2023                     Board Member 

Ms K Buzas                           2023                     Co-opted Board Member