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Getting Involved

We believe that involving tenants in the way the Association is run helps us to provide the best possible service.

There are several ways in which tenants can become involved in and influence policies and practices at Teachers’ Housing Association to ensure that we provide an excellent, customer led service.


We provide a range of information to tenants including Tenants' Handbooks. We keep tenants informed about changes in our policies and matters of general interest relating to the Association.


These are sent to all tenants every six months and contributions from tenants are always welcome. Recent Newsletters are available for download from the Home Page.

Consultation Meetings
We aim to hold an open meeting with tenants in each scheme/area where we operate annually. This provides an opportunity to update on any policy changes, new activities and consult tenants on services we provide and their service charges if applicable.

Reading Panel

We have a panel of tenants who read new or revised documents and policies and give us their views. Please contact your Housing Manager if you would like to be included on the Reading Panel. 
Terms of Reference for the Reading Panel 

Questionnaires and Surveys

We are constantly asking our tenants how well we are doing and how we can improve. We welcome all feedback from tenants and use this to influence how we provide a service and achieve continuous improvement. Every three years we undertake a comprehensive tenant satisfaction survey seeking tenants' views on all areas of service delivery.

Phone a Manager Day

We hold Phone a Manager Day each Autumn. This provides an opportunity for tenants to give us feedback – good and bad - on the services we provide.

Annual Report

We produce an Annual Report which is sent to all tenants which includes:
  • Details of our achievements and highlights of the past year
  • Our performance indicators
  • Summary of our accounts