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How do I get around this site?
To get to any area of the site simply use the menu at the top of the page and sub menu on the right hand side of the page. Above the page title, you will also see a trail of the page titles. You can click on a page title to reach that page.
If you cannot find the page you are looking for please try using the search box at the top of the page.

Problems with the site?
The most common cause of this is the software you are using. We have tried to make the site as accessible as possible, however you will need a browser of version 4.0 or above. You can download these from the Internet free of charge.
If you experience continuakl problems with the website please contact 0161 274 4525

How do I find this site again?
If you leave the site by accident simple press the back button on whatever browser you are using.

Otherwise type in the URL address which is http://www.teachershousing.org.uk. To make this simple for the future add it to your 'book marks' or 'favourites'.

Why is some text underlined?

Underlined text represents a link. Simply click on it and it will go to another file (such as a 'pdf' or Adobe Acrobat file); another page or site that may be of interest; or open an e-mail package that will enable you to send an e-mail to the person mentioned in the link.

Downloading files
When you click on a link to a file the file will automatically download onto your computer. To read an Acrobat file you have to have the program 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' installed on your computer - if you have you just double-click the downloaded file. If you don’t have the program you can download it for free from Adobe's web site - http://www.adobe.com/