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Gas Servicing and Annual Checks

As your landlord, we have a statutory duty to service and carry out an annual safety check on gas appliances, flues and pipe work owned by us, in accordance with the Gas Safety (installations and Use) Regulations 1998.

Our duty as your landlord

We take our responsibilities on gas safety very seriously. As your landlord we will ensure:

  • Gas appliances, flues and pipe work owned by us, are maintained in a safe condition.
  • All installation, maintenance safety checks and annual gas servicing is carried out by a GASSAFE registered gas installer.
  • A gas service is carried out on each appliance/flue owned by the Association in your home every year.
  • We keep a record of each annual service.
  • We keep a copy of the current gas safety certificate for your home.
  • New tenants are given a copy of the current gas safety certificate on signing up for the property.
What we will do

We will write to you to let you know that your service is due and asking you to arrange an appointment with your area gas engineer.

If you do not make an appointment, we will write to you giving you another opportunity to make an appointment.  If again, you do not arrange an appointment, we will make an appointment for you and notify you of the appointment by letter.

What you must do

Allow prompt access to your home to carry out servicing and safety checks.

Keep the appointment made for our inspection of your gas equipment. Not keeping appointments jeopardises your safety and also costs us financially.

What happens if your gas appliance fails the annual safety check?

Our Gas Safe registered contractors will fix any defects found on gas appliances, pipe work, flues and chimneys that are owned by us.

What happens if you do not give us access?

We have a legal duty to carry out annual safety checks. The safety of residents and their neighbours may be at risk if we do not do this.

Failure to give our contractors reasonable access to your home to carry out this work is a breach of your tenancy agreement. It will leave us with no option but to take legal action by obtaining an injunction in order to gain access.  If we are forced to do this, legal costs will be passed on to you.

Keeping Safe

If you smell gas or fumes you should:
  • TURN OFF the gas at the meter.
  • OPEN any windows.
  • EXTINGUISH all naked flames.
  • DON’T USE electrical switches.
  • CALL the Gas Emergency Services on FREEPHONE 0800 111 999.

Contact us immediately if: 

  • You see soot marks on or around the appliance.
  • The flame in the appliance is yellow/orange and not blue.
  • There is a higher level of condensation than normal in the room where the appliance is located.
  • Anyone in your household suffers from drowsiness, headaches, nausea or pains in the chest when using a gas appliance.
Gas safety tips
  • NEVER try 'do it yourself' repairs on gas appliances.
  • NEVER block sources of ventilation such as air bricks, window vents or flues.
  • ALWAYS follow user instructions