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Current News

2017 saw Teachers’ Housing Association celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

In 1967 the Central Council of the “Benevolent & Orphan Fund of the National Union of Teachers” decided to establish a housing association in response to concerns about the housing difficulties encountered by many elderly retired teachers. This resulted in the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund Housing Association’s formal registration as an independent housing association on 16 May 1967. Fifty years later THA continues to provide sheltered housing for older people in seven locations around the UK, plus housing for teachers and others in housing need in several London boroughs. Our mission continues to be “housing people in need, particularly those associated with education”.

Value for Money  

We have recently reviewed our approach to Value for Money and have adopted a new strategy.  This strategy identifies some of the Value for Money initiatives undertaken by Teachers' Housing Association.  For more information please download our current Value for Money Strategy - THA Value for Money Statement 2017 
Teachers' Housing Association has developed a range of services and service standards agreed in partnership with tenants.  Please click on the following link for more information -

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